Misr Italia

Kai Sokhna

The only boutique resort in Egypt with state-of-the-art tropical/Asian bungalow designs with a Hilton signature hotel.

Misr Italia
Misr Italia

Kai Sokhna ‘

An elegant three letter word “KAI”, simple in structure yet sophisticated in its details.

Our project is all about being exclusive while offering a breathtaking scenery to all of our owners. Elegancy, sophistication can be served win the simplest of forms and words, that is why we selected “KAI”, which in Hawaiian means Ocean or Ocean Water. KAI conveys the comfort of the getaway, which will help you recover and restore your senses.

Kai Sokhna

  • Located next to “Zaafarana”, there are no mountains to hide the warmth of the sun’s rays during the winter while gentle breezes cool the summer heat to truly make this the perfect location every month of the year.
  • The 150 hotel rooms and around 350 chalets and villas with the support of five-star hotel management all year round.
  • Overlooking a 1,000-metre long beachfront, all accommodation is designed to enjoy a spectacular sea view. In addition, this 140,000sqm resort has a commercial and retail strip covering 6,000sqm.


سجل بياناتك الآن وأحجز أتصل علي 1654701010814113 او قم بملئ إستمارة إبداء رغبة الحجز هنا https://goo.gl/QmskUe

Whatsapp 01010814113

ايطاليا  https://vincimisritalia.com



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