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✦ La Nuova Vista

✦ Kai Sokhna/Hilton

✦ Cairo Business Park

✦ LNV Mall

✦ Kai Sahel

Misr Italia
Misr Italia

Our real estate developments are inspired by you. Your plans are the inspiration for our concepts. Your lifestyle is the inspiration for our designs. Your habits are the inspiration for our solutions. You inspire.


Misr Italia Properties is a leading real estate developer in Egypt expanding with a range of top-notch projects throughout the country. We aim to change the concept of the ever-growing real estate market by listening to our customers who inspire us to stay ahead with innovative real estate solutions & designs. Built on a philosophy of creativity and innovation, we offer our clients trend-setting projects with unique concepts and designs that are unmatched in the market. Misr Italia Properties is the developer of residential projects such as La Nuova Vista villas and townhouses in New Cairo, administrative compounds such as Cairo Business Park which is set to become New Cairo’s business hub and second homes projects such as Kai Sokhna, the newest addition to our portfolio. We will soon be launching projects in North Coast and the New Capital City.

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